Attention, If you would like to order grips or pre order, feel free to Email or call me, I can send an invoice via PayPal, or you can phone the order in and pay with cc, or check or money order. Until I get my sight finished and set up for you to pay on it. Also please look at my eBay listings search: lostfortygrips  I have all of my sets listed on their as well. Follow me as a seller.


Gary Joubert

Phone 218-395-0739

or 2186592129

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  1. Good Afternoon,
    My name is Brandon Sawhill and I am a manager at HydraMaster in Mukilteo Washington. We recently had an employee who was injured on the job losing one finger completely and losing the use of 2 others. He has been with our company for over 15 years and is a valuable member of our production team. He is the sole provider for his household that includes both children and grandchildren. He is part of the local Hmong community and fought alongside American forces in Vietnam as a guide and translator until he was wounded in a firefight that left a round lodged in his back. As the son of veterans it is important to me to help support veterans whenever I can. I and many of my coworkers are gun owners and members at a local range. We are going to hold a benefit shoot called bring you $10/22. There will be a 25 yard offhand .22 bullseye competition with an entry fee of $10. There will also be an additional .22 speed steel shoot that can be done for a combined entry fee of $22. Since we want to raise as much money as possible we are asking for donations that can be used as prizes for the top 3 in each competition and for top 3 overall. Anything additionally that is donated to us we would raffle off to raise even more money. The shoot will be open to the public to bring in more shooters and raise more money. We want to have the benefit in September to give us time to advertise online and to post flyers with all of the information including the names, logos, and websites of all of the companies that donated items to be used as prizes and raffles. That being said, I know that if you were to donate something to the event that it would garner a lot of attention and raise a lot of money for our employee. Obviously the bigger ticket items donated will generate more buzz and interest. However, I’m not going to ask for anything specifically because I feel that to be crass when asking for a donation. Anything that you would be willing to donate would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Brandon Sawhill

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